Kinesiology Tape 



Kinesiology is another name for muscle testing. Kinesiology testing was developed in the 1960’s by George Goodheart, a chiropractor who created a system in which the muscles and surrounding nerves are manipulated to alleviate ordinary aches and pains and also to diagnose and treat organic diseases.


Kinesiology Message As is generally true with new ideas, kinesiology has received its share of ridicule. Though muscle testing is unconventional, there is a basis for its effectiveness. Goodheart discovered that there was a relationship with the meridians and major organs in addition to the muscles. He called his system Applied Kinesiology.


Following these initial applications, kinesiology has continued to expand over the years. Methods have been developed to test many areas of the body as well as how the body is affected by food and other substances. Kinesiology is also used to determine how well one handles emotional, mental and spiritual stress.